Father's Day is upon us, and after a week of many entries to AutoIndustriya.com's Fathers of Motoring Contest, here are the winners of our writing contest and raffle.

Tell a story, win a prize:

Chris Bautista – First Place

Prize: SKIL Combo Tool Set from Robert Bosch Philippines

Entry: I am 5th in a brood of 6. As a family, we would drive to my dad's hometown in Pangasinan for Holy Week and Christmas vacation. All 8 of us were in a 1986 Lancer box type. My dad would drive, my mom at the passenger seat with our youngest brother and my sister, while my 3 older bros and myself are at the back.

My dad wasn't into fancy cars but he made sure that our car, though small, would be in its best shape always. He never missed a change oil or tune up at the nearest gasoline station. A small noise in the suspension would automatically mean a visit to the car repair shop. Before going to office, the car would have been washed. And on weekends, a nice soap wash at our home as father and son, or with my bros.

For my dad, Car ownership is not about having the newest, the fastest, or the shiniest car. It is about making sure that every trip is as safe and as whole a family as possible.


Gian Carlo Regner – Second Place

Prize: Casio Edifice Watch

Entry: My Dad was always into cars and it was a real treat to grow up around him and his group of friends who are all car nuts even to this day. I guess the influence started there; it was all about hearing stories of Greenhills drag races, handbrake turns in the school parking lot as well as numerous close calls that are all now written in the books.

Funny that these days I live a life not too far from his as I too have a set of friends that do the same. But the similarity never ends, we both have a Honda Civic SiR we use; mine has a B16 and his a B18. It is the epitome of the saying "Like father, like son."

Recently we found an extremely low mileage, original LHD Evolution 5 RS which we both love and is pitted as our new project car. The goal is to bring it to better than new form but the journey as well as the father and son bonding that comes with it is the best part of all.


Rem Tiangco – Third Place

Prize: Roadmice Ford GT USB Mouse

Entry: "Start mo na yung sasakyan" was the phrase I always heard whenever we went out in my younger years. My dad is really the reason why I got obsessed with cars.

When I was a kid, he would drive around while I controlled the wheel and helped him with DIY repairs. He taught me how to drive when I was 14 years old. Who needs a driving school when you can learn the best lessons from your own Dad, right?

Two years later he gave my first car: a box type Lancer which was actually our first

family car. It might be old, but memories can't be replaced by a shiny new one.


Ray Florence Reyes – Fourth Place

Prize: MiLi Universal USB Charger

Entry: The roaring sounds and screeching tires of the automotive lifestyle have always been present ever since the days of my youth. This is so even if we do not do any competitive or professional races. It just was for the love of cars. And this was all credited to my dad.

In my younger days of 4-5 years of age, there was something he always did on the weekends: Tinker around with his 1981 red Land Cruiser. It didn't matter if there was nothing to fix or if there was not enough funds for any wanted upgrades for it. What mattered was that the love for something very close was there, and that any machinery is to be treated with great care. This is probably the reason why even after 31 years, this Land Cruiser is still the same running car it is today, still very much part of the garage and our lives.

Fast forward to the most recent of years and I use my own set of wheels. Everything that I have gotten in driving, maintaining, appreciating, and just plain having fun with cars is all thanks to my dad. My love for cars and everything about it are mere reflections of the influence and inspiration from him, and i intend to pass this on to my own children.


Also, for those who entered our raffle, the winners are listed below:

Ameer Espejo CabahugFirst Prize, wins a Casio Edifice Watch
Raymond Young - Second Prize, wins a MiLi Power Smart Car Charger

Below are the consolation prize winners get a Turtle Wax Gift Pack each:

Kev Sarmiento
Pao Agregado
Jelo Manongsong


Thank you all for taking part in the Fathers of Motoring Contest brought to you by AutoIndustriya.com. Congratulations to all the winners and to all the Dads out there, have a happy Father's Day!

We would like to thank Robert Bosch Philippines, Time Depot, MiLi Philippines, and Hart International for supporting our AutoIndustriya.com Fathers of Motoring Contest.