Let’s face it. Honda Civics are arguably the most commonly modified vehicle in the planet. This means there will be plenty of parts, but then time and again one civic will end up looking like another.

This widespread appeal then is both a gift and a curse, and in the world of tuning something very drastic will have to be done to make a Civic stand out. The word ‘drastic’ doesn’t even begin to touch on the Honda Civic we have here though, because we think ‘madness’ would be a more appropriate word to use.

There is now a quad-turbo, tank-tracked Honda Civic in existence image

What you see here is the fruit of labor from Boosted Lifestyle, a Canadian Youtube channel which appears to be a one-man operation on its own. While normally one turbo fitted to an otherwise naturally-aspirated Civic is already a big deal, this build went so far as to fit four – one for each cylinder.

The B-Series engined Civic coupe is introduced to a quadruplet of Borgwarner K03 turbines – a turbo commonly found on the Mk. V VW Golf GTI. Mounted up top on a custom manifold with the exhaust nowhere to go but up as well, one look at this setup and one can tell that the turbochargers are most definitely the centerpiece of this build.

Problem is, in Canada a good chunk of their year will be spent in winter. A setup like this will do nothing but spin the front wheels on snow and sheet ice, and what do these folks do? Tank tracks. That’s right, somehow this individual has fitted some treads to his wheels to be able to use his monstrosity on even the thickest of snow.

The suspension had to be set to its maximum height and some trimming on the fenders and body had to be done to accommodate this setup, but somehow the results work fairly well for a backyard build.

Future plans include converting the rear tires into skis for that ultimate winter experience. Considering the madness that has already transpired with this build, it seems there’s no stopping this from going anywhere else. Check out his videos and see how he was able to create this monster of a Civic, as well as drive it too.