Technology has become a tool for many businesses to reach out to their customers. Convenience has become a big factor for continued patronage, and Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is out to give just that to their clients.

On May 4, 2020, the webpage was launched, and with it, customers can contact their dealership of choice for the management of their vehicles, and set and schedule service appointments.

MyToyota PH app image

Users just have to log in to their account after a quick and simple process. They will then be asked to register their Toyota vehicle’s information as well; only vehicles from the 2009 model year and newer can be registered. After this, they can already book appointments for their vehicle/s.

After receiving a confirmation, they will then be able to send messages and inquiries about their service and even set the tool to send them a reminder of their schedule. Job items and service cost estimates are also available and viewable using MyToyota.

It may all seem simple and basic, but the use of mobile communications may very well see more service and different ways of implementation especially after COVID-19. Who knows? Maybe in the near future, MyToyota might even have a “Buy Now” button. That should give home tv shopping a run for their money.