Toyota might have supply problems with new Land Cruiser units

One of the most highly anticipated Toyota models finally debuted last month – the new 300 Series Land Cruiser. Given the hype, don’t be surprised if there’s already a long waiting list. But over in Japan, customers will have to wait a bit longer before their new Land Cruiser models arrive.

The new Land Cruiser was recently launched in Japan, and with it, Toyota has begun accepting pre-orders in the country. But how long will Japanese customers have to wait for their unit? Well, according to the Toyota website, it could be a year after the pre-order date.

Yes, we’re serious about the 1-year wait time. It’s mentioned on the official Toyota Japan Land Cruiser website. By translating the note, it says customers who order after August 2, 2021, will have to wait a year or more before their units arrive. It wasn’t mentioned if it was for a specific variant, but it's likely for all 300 Series Land Cruiser variants – including the off-road-oriented GR-Sport.

Toyota might have problems supplying new Land Cruiser units image

Thankfully, Toyota is doing everything to fast-track the delivery of new Land Cruiser models. They add that delivery dates might change depending on the production situation in the future. The automaker didn’t go into the specifics of why. However, one reason is likely due to the high demand for the SUV. Just take a look at what happened with the Suzuki Jimny. Then there's also the global chip shortage, which manufacturers around the world are still facing today. It’s no wonder they aren’t allowing customers to resell their vehicles. 

Since there’s already a one-year wait for Land Cruiser units in Japan, it raises another issue: are other markets affected as well? More importantly, will Philippine customers have to wait for their units upon ordering too? So far, Toyota Motor Philippines has yet to announce when the new 300 Series Land Cruiser will arrive. But hopefully, delivery of local units won’t be delayed as badly as one year.