Ever wanted to get a hold of a Shelby Mustang? Or have you dreamed of modifying your Mustang with parts from Shelby?

Soon you will be able to do so as the Autohub Group of Companies has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Shelby in the Philippines. From aftermarket parts, to kits, as well as modified cars from Shelby, the Autohub Group will be the official supplier of Shelby in the country.

According to Willy Tee Ten, president of Autohub Group of Companies, they will be bringing in exterior bodykits, supercharger kits, as well as other aftermarket parts from Shelby.

Shelby draft image

“We will be the exclusive distributor for the Shelby parts, accessories, and upgrades. With it, we can install Shelby kits and superchargers on Mustangs here,” said Tee Ten.

But will Autohub also be selling Shelby cars as well? In the future, the company does plan on having indent orders available for those that are interested in having their own Shelby in the Philippines. While no exact models were revealed, one of the several candidates that could be offered locally could be the Shelby GT, Shelby GT-S and maybe even the Super Snake.

Aside from providing the parts, as well as the selling of Shelby automobiles, Autohub will also be sending their technicians and mechanics to the US for training. This will allow them to install the supercharger kits and other aftermarket upgrades to the V8 models of the Mustang.

“When we formally launch, one of the family members of Carroll Shelby will be coming to the Philippines. We will be looking forward for that day to arrive,” added Tee Ten.

Shelby draft image

As for the one that will handle the Shelby distributorship in the Philippines, Tee Ten announced that it will be under the helm of Allen Pascual. Besides his future post as the head of Shelby Philippines, Pascual also handles Autohub Car Care Services (ACCS), which also happens to handle aftermarket parts and accessories under the Autohub Group.

There is no exact date yet as to when Shelby will officially be in business in the Philippines. However, Tee Ten said that they are just awaiting the final contract signing between Autohub Group and Shelby.

“We hope to do it by late January as people from Shelby will be coming over around that time,” said Tee Ten.

So are you excited to have your Mustang souped up by Shelby?