We've shown you the top-ten selling cars in the country, but have you wondered what the top-ten best-sellers are worldwide? Well wonder no more as one company has tediously compiled all the numbers from around the world to satisfy our curiosity.

So what are the world's best-sellers? Well here they are, and ranked from first to tenth:

  1. Toyota Corolla

  2. Ford F-Series

  3. Toyota RAV4

  4. Honda Civic

  5. Honda CR-V

  6. Volkswagen Tiguan

  7. RAM Trucks

  8. Toyota Camry

  9. Volkswagen Golf

  10. Chevrolet Silverado

These are the best-selling cars in the world for 2019 image

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that the Corolla is the world's best-selling car and it has been for many years. Just how many did Toyota sell then? They shifted 1,236,380 units in 2019 alone and it also makes it the top-selling compact car in the world. To put things into perspective, that figure is nearly triple of all the cars, SUVs, pick-ups, trucks, and buses sold in the Philippines last year.

The Ford F-Series, on the other hand, is the world's best-selling pick-up with 1,070,234 sold last year. Mind you, that figure includes not just the F-150 but also the heavy duty versions such as the F-250 Super Duty and F-350 Super Duty.

These are the best-selling cars in the world for 2019 image

Toyota also makes the world's top-selling crossover in the form of the RAV4 with 931,852 sold, while the world's best-selling Honda is the Civic with 821,374 new owners around the world. Rounding up the top five is the Honda CR-V, shifting 818,981 units worldwide.

As for the others, Volkswagen sold 741,297 Tiguans, making it their best-selling model. Ram trucks had a good year too with 731,895 sold and, again, it's a mix of both standard and heavy-duty models. Meanwhile, the Toyota Camry saw 690,729 new owners, also making it the best-selling mid-size sedan of 2019. In ninth is the Volkswagen Golf with 687,664 sold and rounding up the list is the Chevrolet Silverado range (standard and heavy-duty) at 644,013 units.

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There are other highlights in the list too. While it's outside the top ten, Volkswagen sold the most subcompact cars in the world with the Polo, putting it in 11th overall. The Toyota Hilux, on the other hand, is the world's top-selling compact/mid-size pickup and 12th in total global sales. Despite not being sold in other parts of the world, the Nissan Qashqai is the best-selling subcompact crossover of 2019 and also the best-selling Nissan of the year.

These are the best-selling cars in the world for 2019 image

On to luxury cars and Mercedes-Benz totally swept three major classes. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is not only the best-selling compact executive car of 2019, it's also the best-selling luxury car of last year. The E-Class, meanwhile, is the best-selling mid-sized executive car in 2019 while the GLC topped its class in terms of sales and the luxury crossover market to go along with it.

Source: Focus2Move