It's barely been a year since the Terra came out in the market, but Nissan has already given their popular SUV a bit of an update for the 2020 model year. So what's new for 2020 you ask? Let's run by them one by one.

New nose

These are the four key updates for new 2020 Nissan Terra image

First off is the grill. If you noticed, the top-spec versions of the Terra came with silver trim. Now, Nissan has ditched that in favor of a black piece. Mind you, the pattern is still the same with its honeycomb look. It's a small change but it does enough to somewhat alter the presence of the Terra.

Tailgate tweak

No, the tailgate isn't totally new for the 2020 model year. In fact, it's the same as before. What's different is a new tailgate spoiler design. It's now more prominent than the one found in the current model, and has a sharper tip compared to before. If you like the new look, the new rear spoiler comes standard in the VE and VL variants of the Terra.

4 (minor) changes the Nissan Terra got for 2020 image

Infotainment enhancements

Little by little, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is becoming one of the features that's fast becoming popular. To keep up with the times, Nissan has totally revamped its infotainment system in order to accommodate this piece of tech. Gone is the old wide screen and is replaced by an integrated OEM unit. For those who prefer buttons and dials, they'll appreciate the new system, and it should make navigating around the system much easier. That also means the Intelligent Mobility display is now on the touchscreen instead of the rear-view mirror.

Price increase

These updates and upgrades do come at a price, but there is a sliver of good news. The prices of the entry-level variants (EL 4x2 M/T and EL 4x2 A/T) are unchanged from before. With that in mind, the Terra EL 4x2 M/T starts at Php 1,504,000 while the Terra EL 4x2 A/T retails for Php 1,620,000.

4 (minor) changes the Nissan Terra got for 2020 image

But move up the range and that's where you'll see a bit of a price bump. Both Terra VE 4x2 and VL 4x2 (both automatic) see prices up by Php 10,000 at Php 1,717,000 and 1,919,000, respectively. The VL 4x4 variant sees the biggest increase, from Php 2,106,000 for this year's model to Php 2,146,000 for the refreshed version.