Weeks after President Rodrigo Duterte announced MVIS is no longer mandatory, the LTO has made it official. The agency recently released a memo regarding the “discontinuance of the mandatory vehicle testing by private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVICs)”.

Not only that, they have put the new rates in print, making the updated prices official.

For private vehicles, the rate goes down to PHP 600 from PHP 1,800. That's PHP 1,200 less than the initial proposal. As for public utility vehicle operators, they only need to shell out PHP 300. Motorcyclists on the other hand have to pay PHP 500 for the inspection, PHP 100 less than before.

Just because MVIS is no longer required, it doesn't mean that the program is suspended. These centers will remain open for those who prefer a more thorough inspection of their vehicle. With the lower prices, it might entice more motorists to opt for this method instead of emissions testing.

These are the new rates for MVIS image

To renew your vehicle's registration, you need to bring a copy of your vehicle's emissions test at the very least. However, a certificate from the PMVIC is now optional.

Over the past couple of weeks, the LTO and DOTr have been under fire for jumping straight to the second phase of PMVIC implementation. During the Senate hearings, Senator Grace Poe said the costs are prohibitive for what's been called an imperfect system. Senators also questioned why MVIS was rolled out if PMVICs were unable to test all types of vehicles yet.

Specifically, inspection centers only have the capacity to test private vehicles. As a result, PUVs and larger vehicles such as trucks and buses cannot be properly assessed. The committee also mentioned the numerous complaints of private motorists regarding the testing process itself. Another issue pointed out by senators was the timing of its implementation.