2020 was a rough year for the automotive sector. Sales were 40 percent down, and most manufacturers reported significant drops in new-car purchases. It's not the kind of change anyone wanted in the industry.

But some things remained (somewhat) the same, and that's the best-selling cars in the land.

At this point, it's probably no surprise that Toyota makes up the majority of the top ten. The country's top-selling automaker occupied the top six slots and have seven cars on the list. Another thing that wouldn't surprise anyone is the car that sits at the top of the chart.

These are the Philippines

If you still haven't guessed it, that's the Toyota Vios. Last year, they sold 25,290 units of the subcompact sedan. It's a strong figure, but far less than the 33,181 units sold in 2019. The Toyota Hilux is still in second place with 13,637 sold. In third place is the Toyota Wigo with 11,853 finding new homes last year.

These are the Philippines

The Wigo overtook the Innova in sales last year, dropping the popular MPV in fourth place. Toyota managed to shift 10,551 units despite the circumstances. The Hiace moves up to the top five with 10,362 sold, just a few sales behind the Innova. As for the sixth spot, that's the Rush, selling 10,194 units over the past twelve months.

These are the Philippines

Breaking the Toyota streak is Ford with the Ranger at 9,767 units. Just behind it in eighth is the Nissan Navara at 9,164 sold. In ninth is the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 with 8,638 units sold. The Toyota Fortuner slid down six places to be the tenth best-selling model in the country, but a part of that was because there was a major model change in between. That said, the tally of 8,494 still makes it the top-selling SUV in the Philippines.

So, what dropped out of the top ten? That would be the Mitsubishi Xpander. It was knocked off by the Ford Ranger, which is a newcomer in the ten best-sellers list. The last time we saw a Ford in the top 10 was 2016 with the Everest. You've probably also noticed that the numbers are much lower than 2019's tally. For reference, the car sitting in tenth in 2019 (Toyota Rush) sold over 15,000 units. Compare it to 2020's figures and only one car sold over that number; the Vios.

While automakers took a beating in 2020, it's far from a smooth road for them in 2021. It might take a while before we reach the 400,000 unit mark. That's due to the implementation of the safeguard tariff. Six of the vehicles on the list are bound to get affected by the additional tax. These are the Hilux, Wigo, Rush, Ranger, Fortuner, and Navara. 

Right now, automakers are in survival mode, and any gain in sales this year will be an achievement in itself.