Patent photos of the next-gen Isuzu Mu-X surface online

It's been almost a year since Isuzu launched the all-new D-Max. We have to say that it's a rather good-looking truck, but there is one question that's still on our minds: what will the second-generation Mu-X look like? We figure it will have a similar front end to the D-Max, but we couldn't quite figure out what the rest of it will be.

Well, we no longer have to speculate because patent images of the pick-up based SUV have surfaced online, and it will surely heat the PPV (pick-up platform vehicle) war this decade. If these photos are real (and we think these are), it might not be a long wait for the all-new Mu-X, too.

Could this be the next-gen Isuzu Mu-X? image

According to various sources, these images are floating within the Japanese patent and trademark office. As expected, the front end is similar to the D-Max, but it's not like Isuzu copy-pasted it to the SUV. The grille is noticeably smaller, and the panel surrounding it is more prominent. Also, the bumper is less angular than the one found in the D-Max.

Now for the sides and it seems that Isuzu added more character lines for the future Mu-X. There's a defined line that runs through the doors and rear quarter panels, which is a contrast to the current model's flat flanks. You've probably also noticed the third window, now connected to the side windows instead of the tailgate.

Could this be the next-gen Isuzu Mu-X? image

Speaking of the tailgate, it resembles little to the soon to be outgoing version. The taillights are slimmer and, the license plate holder lower. Last but not least are the bumpers, which bucks the trend of angular corners for a more rounded look.

Since these are patent images, there is no mention of specifications. That said, we're expecting the new 3.0-liter turbodiesel to be the top of the line engine, and the 1.9-liter to remain. It's also worth mentioning that the updated 3.0-liter now packs 190 PS and 450 Nm of torque. It's still not class-leading, but it's heaps more than the current output of 177 PS and 380 Nm.

Could this be the next-gen Isuzu Mu-X? image

Of course, the only way to confirm these patent photos is if Isuzu (finally) reveals the next-generation Mu-X. Isuzu is still quiet about its possible launch date, but late 2021 might be a good bet. That said, we're expecting a lot from the all-new model, and some of the things we'd want in the future Mu-X is more power, less weight, a better ride, and a better interior. One thing we wouldn't want to change would be the value proposition, which the Mu-X has delivered for over five years.