Impressive sketches emerge from FCA’s Drive for Design contest

The sketch of the red Ram pickup in the photo above may look like something straight out of Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA)’s design center but don’t be fooled though: it wasn’t penned by a pro designer.

Instead, it was actually drawn by a 12th-grade student in the US. It’s the same case for the other two sketches below. In fact, they are the top three finalists from FCA’s recent held Drive for Design contest.

Entries were submitted by high school students in grades 10 to 12 from all across the US. They were then reviewed by the FCA’s automotive design team and special guest judge Josh Welton. For this year’s competition, students were asked to sketch “a Ram truck of the future”. After ten weeks, these three emerged as the best.

These futuristic Ram trucks were sketched by high school students image

All of the entries were impressive, the work was very focused with a notable attention to detail, as well as their thought process – these are characteristics we look for when we go to hire designers to work for FCA,” said Mark Trostle, Head of Ram Truck and Mopar Exterior Design for FCA – North America.

In first place was Job Skandera, a 12th grader from Santa Clara, California who sketched the rugged-looking red Ram truck. If you look closely, he even added details and features of the truck in the upper right-hand corner. Vincent Piaskowski, an 11th grader from Birmingham, Michigan, placed second with the sketch of a yellow electric Ram truck. Rounding up the top three is Alex David Kirschmann, another 11th grader. Kirschmann designed a futuristic-looking Ram 1500.

These futuristic Ram trucks were sketched by high school students image

“Automotive design is a growing field and often overlooked by parents and students, our goal is to inspire and change that perspective. There are many career paths available within automotive design where young designers will have the opportunity to create some of the most exciting and technologically advanced products on the road today, as well as create what’s possible for the future,” added Trostle.

Now some of you might say that these aren’t the best sketches of a Ram truck as “you’ve seen better”. However, do remember that they are still in high school. Hopefully the competition helps push these three students and others to go on into automotive design in college and in the future.