How tough is the LN 106 Toyota Hilux?

Indestructible, invincible, immortal.

These are just some of the words one can describe the Toyota Hilux, particularly the ones made in the '80s and the '90s. A certain British motoring show proved that point with an earlier model, but it's always worth revisiting the legend of the Hilux's durability.

Recently, Youtube channel WhistlinDiesel put a late-'80s Hilux through its paces. In this case, calling it a durability test is an understatement. This was a torture test. Their goal is to put about 30 years of hard use in just one day. That meant accelerating wear and tear to the max. Just some of the abuse hurled towards the Toyota include overloading its payload, bogging it down with mud and ruts, and the occasional jump.

However, some Hilux fans might cringe a little while watching the video. While it's not a prime specimen, the pick-up they used looked rather pristine. The paint is still shiny, the graphics are still on the body, and the panels appeared straight. If anything, it looks better than most '90s Hilux pick-ups you still see on the road today.

You just can

While it's sad that there is one less fresh-looking Hilux on the road, this particular truck upheld the name's stellar reputation. Even after hard knocks and landings, the pick-up powered through and shrugged off most of the torture. Then again, were you expecting anything less from the Hilux? Mind you, this is just part one of the tests, so we're curious what else they can inflict on this pick-up.

If you happen to have a pristine example of this era of Hilux, we suggest you hold on to it. It's quickly becoming a collectible car in certain circles, and it might be worth a lot of cash in a few years.