About a week ago, Mitsubishi Motors said that the facelifted Montero Sport/Pajero Sport will make its debut on July 25. Well here it is now, fully uncovered a week prior to its reveal, or at least that's what it looks like.

If these photos are indeed legitimate, we now have an unobstructed view of the popular PPV. From the start, we mentioned a Strada-style front end, albeit with a few detail changes to make the Montero Sport look distinct from its pick-up brother. The grill appears to sport a three-bar design finished in what looks like matte chrome. Also, the shape of the headlight appear to have been slightly tweaked. Of course, the most obvious and prominent changes are to the front bumper and light arrangement. Taking a page from the Strada, the updated Montero Sport's fog lights are now mounted higher up the bumper and the said panel has more defined corner edges.

2020 Mitsubishi Montero Sport leak image

That's the front covered, what about the rear? Well, those long tail lights are still there, which will likely continue to divide opinion. Mitsubishi seems to have made some adjustments though as the lights now seem shorter than before since the reflectors at the bottom have been removed. Also, the tail lights themselves have a new light signature, incorporating more LED 'pipes'. A new garnish is fitted to the bottom half of the rear bumper, along with a new tailgate spoiler. Rounding up the facelift are a set of new alloy wheels.

Yes, that

The teaser video released last week showed a fully digital instrument cluster. At the moment, it is yet to be known if it will be standard across the entire range or be limited to the top of the line models. The rest of the design does appear to be carried over, right down to the gear selector. There could also be more features added to the facelifted Montero Sport, but Mitsubishi isn't laying down all their cards on the table just yet.

As for engines, it will likely be a carryover. As it stands, the Montero Sport is powered by a 2.4-liter MIVEC turbodiesel engine that's good for 181 PS and 430 Nm of torque. However, it is possible that the four-wheel drive system will get an update.

Source: headlightmag