It looks like Suzuki may have just built the tiniest 4x4 cargo vehicle.

This is the Jimny Light Commercial Vehicle, a new 2-seater variant of the Jimny. And yes, it has no rear seats.

Without a bench taking up space at the back, this particular Jimny has 863 liters of usable cargo space - 33 liters more than a standard Jimny even with the seats folded. With its flat floor at the back, big and small objects can be stored with ease. It even comes with a safety cage that will keep cargo from flying into the cabin in an event of an accident.

Like the rest of the Jimny lineup, the Light Commercial Vehicle version gets a 1.5-liter K15B four-cylinder engine. It puts out 100 PS along with 130 Nm of torque. The sole transmission option for the two-seater Jimny is a five-speed manual gearbox. Should you need to go off the beaten path, the two-seater model still comes with 4WD along with a low-transfer box for better off-road capability.

This two-seater Suzuki Jimny can carry 863 liters of cargo image

While this particular Jimny only gains a substantial 33-liter increase in luggage capacity, the removal of the rear seats means you can store items more conveniently. It may not be the biggest LCV, but its small size means it doesn't take up much space which can be an advantage. And with 4x4 at the ready, you'll still be mobile and able to deliver no matter the terrain or the weather.

Should Suzuki bring this variant of the Jimny to the Philippines? It might not exactly be geared towards passenger use, but we can think of many uses for a tiny adventure vehicle for two..