A few days ago, Toyota showed off their TRD parts and catalog for their newest crossover, the fifth-generation RAV4. Now, they are also showing a more 'VIP' oriented version of the crossover, courtesy of their own custom house, Modellista. What they have done is make an aero kit that turns the RAV4 into a city slicker. 

For starters, it gets a radical front bumper extension, which sees the RAV4 having a lower-set, apron. The front kit also includes a pair of LED daytime running lights at the bottom edges. There's even a bit more brightwork on the bumper, as well as on the air inlets above the grill. On top of that, the fender-mounted garnishes give the impression of extended headlights.

Modellista-styled Toyota RAV4 gets the VIP treatment image

The sides on the other hand gain ground hugging side skirts, along with a strip of chrome on the kit. Also included is a chrome garnish on the tailgate. Last but not least are a unique set of 19-inch alloy wheels with a design exclusive to the Modellista. The kit cuts into ground clearance, meaning it isn't advisable to take these kitted-out RAV4s off the beaten path.

With the Modellista, there are now three different flavors of RAV4 available, if you live in Japan that is. The Modellista caters to the VIP/Luxury crowd while the Adventure aims to appeal to the 'active lifestyle' demographic. But for those who want a bit more adrenaline in their RAV4, there's also the Street Monster TRD look which throws in a lowered suspension, a custom exhaust, 20-inch alloys, and a wider body kit.

This 2019 Toyota RAV4 gets some VIP bling image

But say you want even more visual testosterone from your RAV4. Perhaps the JAOS kit will be up your alley. And while it says JAOS on  it, it's more of a road-oriented kit, rather than an off-road package. Still, it gets a stubbier front front apron, a lower bumper bar, and LED lights on the bottom corners.

This 2019 Toyota RAV4 gets some VIP bling image

There are thicker side skirts too to beef up the RAV4's sills. Adding a bit more flair are a pair of gloss black JAOS trims on the rear pillars. Last but not least are a set of 20-inch alloys, again exclusive to this package. Again, it's not available outside of Japan but you can always check out the JAOS catalog if you pine for some aftermarket JDM goodies.