Ford's luxury automobile division, Lincoln, has been undergoing something of a renaissance as of late.

They've been launching new models with a new naming style; yes, they're starting to phase out the three-letter naming style. Navigator, Aviator, Nautilus, all are part of Lincoln's line of crossovers and SUVs.

At the 2019 New York International Auto Show, they launched yet another one, and they're calling it the Corsair.

This 2020 Corsair is the runt of the Lincoln Navigator 

In the tradition set forth by the journey- and adventure-themed names of other Lincoln SUVs, the Corsair gets its name from the latin word “cursus”. Quite literally, the word means journey.

Also, in the same tradition of Lincoln using the platforms of Ford's vehicles (Navigator is to Expedition as Aviator is to Explorer as Nautilus is to Edge), the Corsair is a more luxurious top hat built on the front-wheel drive Ford Escape. In that regard, the Corsair is the successor to the Lincoln MKC.

This 2020 Corsair is the runt of the Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Corsair's design, much like its three bigger brothers, appears to be more about elegance as Lincoln really wanted to create a luxury SUV, albeit in the Escapes compact dimensions. The look very much mimics the look of the other SUVs in the lineup, with the gaping chrome grill, softer contours, and what the company calls as a “fast falling roofline”. Lincoln says that the Corsair is supposed to be a an “expressive representation of Quiet Flight”, and that it's targeted at new (and younger) customers. 

The company's designers crafted an interior befitting the Corsair's status and target market, guided perhaps by their goal to have a cabin that is “a sanctuary for the senses”. High grade materials such as leather are standard, though Lincoln paid extra attention to keep cabin noise down by using a dual wall dashboard (to keep engine noises at bay) and using active noise cancellation features.

This 2020 Corsair is the runt of the Lincoln Navigator

The Corsair is a 5 seater, meaning there is no third row, though Lincoln says the rear seat legroom is better than even larger SUVs, citing the Mercedes-Benz GLS and Tesla Model X.

The most notable feature about the Corsair is Phone As A Key; as the name says, you use your phone as your wireless key to drive. The Corsair can also be specced with Co-Pilot360 Plus which has autonomous features like adaptive cruise control, lane centering, automated speed limit obedience, among others.

This 2020 Corsair is the runt of the Lincoln Navigator

Other notable features include SYNC3 infotainment, a 14-speaker Revel sound system, wireless charging, WiFi, among others. Lincoln even got the help of an orchestra to create six chimes that would serve as warning or alert tones in the cabin.

This 2020 Corsair is the runt of the Lincoln Navigator 

The Lincoln Corsair can come with either a 250 horsepower 2.0L or a280 horsepower 2.3L. Both engines are turbocharged straight fours, and both will be mated to an 8-speed automatic driving the front wheels. Lincoln says the Corsair can be ordered with all-wheel drive. 

It has been a while since Lincoln was present in the Philippine market in any official capacity; and even then, it was just the Lincoln Town Car and the Navigator. With the revamped line-up that includes the new Continental, Navigator, Aviator, Nautilus and Corsair, perhaps Ford Philippines should give their luxury brand a good second look for our market.