Think Toyota Prius, and immediately you imagine an eco-friendly, fuel-efficient car that is unfortunately seen as boring and not snazzy. 

Enter the Prius Vulcan, a blacked-out, hybrid war machine that has a roof-mounted M61 Vulcan serving as its centerpiece. Built by Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC), a war veteran-owned and operated coffee company, this unique monstrosity is what happens when hybrid technology and military ordnance meet.

This 20mm cannon is the best thing you can put on a Toyota Prius

But why use a Prius to build a mobile gun platform? According to BRCC, a certain reptile from a certain Blue Oval was too expensive for them to modify. Hence, their decision to use a hybrid instead. In addition, the coffee company also wanted to shake off the notion that hybrids are boring and dull.

Not to be deterred, they asked help from some companies like Hamilton & Sons and Battlefield Vegas to build the Prius Vulcan The project took 160 man hours to complete and consist of modifying both the hybrid, and the gun itself.

This 20mm cannon is the best thing you can put on a Toyota Prius

The Prius' interior was gutted in order to fit a roll cage as well to install the mount to put the gun on. Meanwhile, the M61 Vulcan was lifted straight out of a F-16 fighter jet and was modified to fire and operate electronically instead of hydraulically.

The M61 Vulcan's ammunition of choice are high-caliber, 20mm rounds that each cost $27 (about Php 1,420). It's capable of unloading up to 6,600 rounds a minute, which translates to almost $180,000 (about Php 9.4 million) a minute of firing.

Expensive? Yes. Does it get the job done? Check out the video posted above and see the results for yourself.

This is not a Prius you want to cross with whether you're in a parking lot, or out in the battlefield.


Source: Black Rifle Coffee Company via Coffee Or Die Magazine