Last June, Toyota finally revealed the revamped 2021 Hilux pick-up featuring an extensive makeover. Two months in, countries around the world are now launching the ever-popular pickup to their respective markets. One of the most recent is the Land Down Under – Australia.  

Based on Toyota Australia’s lineup of the 2021 Hilux, they will also offer the pickup in various trim levels. No doubt Australia-spec Hilux looks just like pickup introduced in Thailand. Not surprisingly, the Revo Z variant (which could be modified) was not offered here. What did catch our attention, however, were two specific variants that seem exclusive to the Australian market Hilux – the Hilux Rugged X and the Hilux Cab Chassis.

Starting with the Hilux Rugged X (main photo), it is essentially a Hilux fitted with a bullbar with fog lights, skidplate, snorkel, and large over-fenders. So far only one photo has been provided, but there might be changes to the rear as well. If you’re wondering, yes this rugged-looking Hilux is indeed a trim level in Australia. Imagine rolling out of the dealership with a Hilux that looks modified already.

At the moment, no specific details about the Rugged X have been released by Toyota Australia. Instead, they say that design features, technical details, and pricing for the rugged pickup will be announced at a later date.

These Toyota Hilux variants would be perfect for the PH image

While the Rugged X may look like its ready to go anywhere, the Hilux SR5 Cab Chassis is more of a utilitarian vehicle. Upfront, it looks just like any other 2021 Hilux with the updated front end. However, instead of a traditional pickup bed, it is fitted with something similar to that of a flatbed. This would make it perfect for hauling cargo as the sides can be opened to load even larger items.

Despite the design changes, the Hilux in Australia gets the same updated 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine which produces 204 PS and 500 Nm torque. It is also available in 4x2 and 4x4 guise.

These Toyota Hilux variants would be perfect for the PH image

Unfortunately, it is unlikely Toyota Motor Philippines will sell a similar version of the Hilux Rugged X when they do launch it locally. As for the SR5 Cab Chassis, it is possible. But, don’t expect it to look like the one seen here. Instead, it will likely be offered on the base model Hilux which retains the same old look.

Whatever the case, we’re excited to see the updated Hilux arrive in the country. With the Corolla Cross set to debut this month, hopefully, it won’t be too long before the pickup makes its local debut as well.