It seems like Kia isn’t done with the large SUV segment just yet.

Even with the Telluride’s debut last year, the Korean automaker recently revealed another large SUV, this time in the form of a concept vehicle. Called Masterpiece, the rugged and robust SUV concept recently made its global debut at the 2019 Seoul Motor Show. No, we’re not pulling your legs; it is actually called the Masterpiece concept.

According to Kia, the Masterpiece concept shows how the brand could adapt the vehicle’s latest design and features to future large SUV models. When it comes to styling, the concept features a new look of Kia’s signature Tiger Nose grill. Rather than the usual smaller grills seen in current Kia models, the one on the Masterpiece concept features a full-width design. The new four, small squareish headlights are now integrated into the grill as well together with vertical LED slats.

This big bold SUV concept is Kia’s Masterpiece  image

At the rear, it features the same vertical LED design taillights as seen in the front combined a large third brake light incorporated into the roof spoiler. Curiously, it features an illuminated ‘Mohave’ logo rather than the words ‘Masterpiece’ or 'Kia'. There are also quad exhaust tips which give the Masterpiece some form of sporty appeal.

Keen-eyed readers would have noticed that there is a lack of Kia badges. Instead, it features a bespoke ‘Mohave’ badge fitted on the hood, wheels, and rear as mentioned earlier. That said, it is very likely that the Masterpiece concept previews the next-generation Mohave, another large SUV from Kia. 

For now, Kia did not mention any details regarding the concept’s powertrain. The same can be said for the vehicle’s interior as no photos were provided. With that in mind, it is likely that the next-generation Mohave won’t be launched any time soon. At least we do get an idea as to what it could look like.