Leading chinese electric car producer, BYD took the wraps off three vehicles at the 2019 Auto Shanghai show. True to its heritage, BYD was very generous with dragon-themed details, from exterior styling to interior elements, all penned by its European team of designers.

BYD wants to be the mother of electric

E-Seed GT

Drawing the most stares was its dragon-inspired electric sports car concept, the E-Seed GT. The vehicle was designed by Wolfgang Egger, who penned the Alfa Romeo 8C, and was a former chief designer for Audi and Italdesign. He is now BYD's global design director. Helping to pen the entire vehicle were two other designers from global trendsetting brands, JuanMa Lopez (formerly of Ferrari) for exterior design, and Michele Jauch-Paganetti (formerly of Mercedes-Benz) for interior design.

This BYD electric supercar concept has gullwing doors image

The E-Seed GT is a low slung sports sedan that features seating for four. Access to them is granted by large gullwing doors. True to BYD's heritage, the vehicle features dragon-inspired cues. The facade features a “dragon face,” which, though not immediately apparent, incorporates the dragon's whiskers stretching out to the sides. It also features a “dragon ridge” on the roof, which is a series of LED brake lamps mounted on horizontal fins. The sides feature “dragon scale” design cues evident on the lower skirt and the shape of the side panel.

Even its interior employs the dragon motiff with the seats sporting curved designs that emulate a dragon's body. The interior also features interconnected screens to display a variety of info. Finally, the steering wheel is retractable to ease entry and egress from the vehicle.

Close to no details were revealed about its propulsion. BYD only says it is electric and is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds.

BYD wants to be the mother of electric

Song Pro

Also on stage was BYD's all-new Song Pro SUV. BYD says it is part of its Dynasty series and is the first vehicle bearing the new architecture. The five-seater SUV boasts of a “library-level” quiet interior made possibly by NVH isolation engineering, low wind drag and efficient energy consumption.

Like the E-Seed GT, it employs “Dragon Face 2.0” design language. Among its features are a whole suite of in-car assistant technologies, with an array of touch-screen interactions. BYD says the car is equipped with a DiLink2.0 Open Intelligent Network, which we can only assume is easy integration into Chinese social media and internet-based services. Among the interior features are automatic ambient lighting, a panoramic skylight, and 90-110 degree adjustable rear seats.

Most impressive of all, the Song Pro will be offered in petrol, hybrid, and electric powertrains.

BYD wants to be the mother of electric

e Series

Receiving welcome updates were BYD's e Series models, electric versions of its F-series models, represented by the new e2. Philippine buyers might be more familiar with the e1, which is an electrified and updated version of the F0. There's also the S2, BYD's recently launched subcompact SUV, which is now electrified.

The e1 can run for up to 100 km with just a 12 minute charge. BYD says it costs just PhP 0.36 (US$ 0.007) per kilometer to run. The S2, on the other hand, boasts of a 305 km fully charged range, or can also run 100 km on a 15 minute charge.

BYD wants to be the mother of electric

“Today, China's new energy vehicles have entered the ‘fast lane’, ushering in an even larger market outbreak. Presently, we stand at the intersection of old and new kinetic energy conversion for mobility, but also a new starting point for high-quality development,” said Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD.

With these interesting concept and market-ready vehicles, BYD looks poised to conquer Westero... I mean the world.