The Crown is one of Japan's most iconic cars and is one of Toyota's longest-running nameplates. The Crown is also deeply rooted in tradition, being a popular choice for Japanese salarymen, executives, police fleets, and taxicabs.

But now it seems like the Crown will gain a new body style. A few months ago, rumors were going around that there will be a crossover version of the Toyota Crown. Not only will it carry the 'Crown' name, but it will feature similar styling. This time around, (alleged) photos of the model have surfaced on the internet, and it is set to debut at this year's Shanghai Auto Show.

Is the upcoming Crown SUV just a Toyota Highlander in disguise? image

The Crown Kluger could essentially be the luxury version of the American Highlander and Kluger. The headlights, taillights, and overall shape look just like the mentioned models.

What makes the Crown Kluger unique are features such as the Camry-like front bumper, replaced foglights, and a slightly altered rear bumper. But perhaps serving as the vehicle's most notable feature is the signature 'Crown' emblem placed on the front grille.

There are no pictures yet of the Crown Kluger's interior but we won't be surprised if it will also look similar to the Highlander's cabin, albeit with more luxuries and high-tech features. For reference, the Highlander/Kluger features a wide touchscreen infotainment system, a digital instrument panel, a two-tone dashboard, as well as captain seats for the second row.

Is the upcoming Crown SUV just a Toyota Highlander in disguise? image

Details about its powertrain remain a mystery. But based on the 'Hybrid' badge on the tailgate, the Crown Kluger will be available with a 2.5-liter inline-four that benefits from a hybrid system. If it has the same engine as the Highlander/Kluger, the Crown Kluger in hybrid form could have a total system output of 240 PS.

Is the upcoming Crown SUV just a Toyota Highlander in disguise? image

With the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show set to happen next week, the Toyota Crown Kluger could be one of the most anticipated models that will debut at the annual motor show. Will using the Crown name for a Highlander-derived crossover prove beneficial to Toyota's customer base? Or will it backfire and cause an uproar among Crown enthusiasts? Either way, it just shows how popular crossovers have become over the past couple of years.

Source: Autohome