Mention Skoda, and the first thing that might pop into your head is either a humble sedan, or a sporty hatchback from Europe. Nowadays, however, they're now more known for having crossovers like the Kodiaq, Karoq, and the Kamiq.

And who can blame them? With the market heading towards SUVs and crossovers it's no wonder Skoda has embraced the new trend. But what if Skoda made something a little bit more extreme and rugged?

Enter the Mountiaq, Skoda's take on what could be a future production pickup truck. Designed by 35 apprentices from the company's vocational school, this one-off shows eight months of work in a span of 2,000 hours. Using a Kodiak as a base, the designers essentially transformed the SUV into an off-road machine complete with an eye-catching design, as well as a plethora of upgrades.

Measuring in at 4999mm long, 2005mm wide, and 1710mm tall, the concept is bigger, wider and taller than its SUV counterpart. However, it still features familiar styling cues from Skoda like the signature front grill, thin headlights, and distinct taillights.

This cool pickup truck from Skoda was designed by students image

It's painted in a unique 'Sunset Orange' hue, is equipped with a nudge bar and power winch at the front, and even has an LED light bar and snorkel when the going gets tough. To increase its ride height, Skoda installed 17-inch black alloy wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires. This allowed the Mountiaq to have a generous ground clearance 290mm.

But perhaps serving as the centepiece of the concept is its illuminated bed that comes with a hidden storage compartment underneath. The students also shortened and widened the doors in order for the Kodiaq to fit with the overall proportions of the pickup concept. Finally, they redesigned the front and rear bumpers, running boards, and even the door sills to give the Mountiaq its more rugged appearance.

This cool pickup truck from Skoda was designed by students image

Under the hood, the Mountiaq is powered by a 2.0-liter TSI inline-four that Skoda claims produces 190 PS. While that may not look like much, do remember that mid-size pickup trucks of today generate the same amount of power or thereabouts.

With the Mountiaq concept showing Skoda that they're capable of building pickup trucks, does this mean they will eventually make it into a production car? Sadly Skoda has no plans of making the Mountiaq anything more than a concept. But who knows, maybe someday this concept will become the basis of a small Amarok-based pickup truck that the company can actually make.

This cool pickup truck from Skoda was designed by students image

Here's to hoping Volkswagen or Skoda make that a reality.