Ferrari is no stranger to building one-off models for clients should they request (and pay handsomely) for it.

Over the past couple of years, the Maranello-based manufacturer has built a number of special edition models including the Monza SP1 and the F40-inspired SP38. Now, Ferrari welcomes another one-off model called the SP3JC inspired by the V12-engined Ferrari spiders of the 1950's and 60's.

One-off Ferrari SP3JC is an open-top V12 grand tourer

The SP3JC is built on the chassis and drivetrain of a F12tdf, albeit with the roof chopped off turning it into a grand-touring roadster. Look closely and you can actually see the original design cues of the F12tdf. That said, Ferrari did also revise most of the panels into what it is now. For starters, the front fascia now looks like it has a smiling face with larger air intakes. Two clear panels now make the engine bay visible.

One-off Ferrari SP3JC is an open-top V12 grand tourer

The fender vents have been moved to a lower position, and you can also see the chopped off roof with new carbon fiber rollhoops located behind the seats. Curiously, a narrow wing connects the two hoops, likely to improve airflow. At the rear, there is little in common with the F12tdf. A pair of circular taillights now replace previous single units. Slits have also been cut into the rear bumper.

As for the white-blue-yellow color scheme, Ferrari says that it is inspired by the client's passion for pop art. No photos of the interior were provided but Ferrari says it that it continues with the SP3JC's exterior color theme.