They say that the future of automobiles is electric, which could be why some classic car owners have converted their precious vehicles to electric power. Some manufacturers even offer the conversion themselves. Of course, there will be those who will say it's sacrilegious to do an electric conversion, but that didn't stop one engineer from Davao from doing that. His platform? It's a legend from the 90s, the Toyota MR2. 

A Filipino engineer just turned this Toyota MR2 to an EV image

For those that don't know, Toyota offered this second-generation SW20 MR2 with two different engines – the naturally aspirated 2.0-liter 3SGE or the more-powerful turbocharged 3SGTE motor only. No electric option was offered... ever. Engineer Norman Leyva, however, for whatever reason, decided to ditch the gasoline engine in his MR2 and convert it to an EV. 

A Filipino engineer just turned this Toyota MR2 to an EV image

Engineer Leyva from Davao City recently posted on Facebook showing off his all-electric Toyota MR2. On the outside, you wouldn't mistake it for an EV. It still looks very much like any other SW20 on the road apart from an aftermarket set of wheels. What you will notice, is how quiet it is. Inside the engine bay sits a “Waterproof IP66 Servo Drive Motor and Controller” in place of the engine. It then charges via a built-in charging port integrated into where the gas tank used to be.

No power figures were mentioned but, based on the video posted by Eng. Leyva, it still accelerates decently. He also claims the electric MR2 has regenerative charging and power steering has been converted to electric. Despite being converted to an electric motor, air-conditioning has been retained. Inside the cabin, a new digital gauge cluster has been fitted to show the power level, remaining charge, and other parameters of the electric motor and battery.

A Filipino engineer just turned this Toyota MR2 to an EV image

Will it be as fast as the original turbocharged MR2? We won't know that until we see more of this EV sports car. We also don't know how far it can go on a single charge as its range was not disclosed. No doubt enthusiasts and MR2 owners will have a lot to say about this particular model. Whether its sacrilege or not, we leave that up to you. 

But we think it's an ingenious way of keeping a legend from the 90s on the road. You can't deny the effort Eng. Leyva put in while building this car. Did we mention that he also built this electric MR2 during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) period in Davao?

Eng. Leyva, if you're reading this, we'd love to hear more from you and know more about that car. It would make a great story, don't you think?