Are fur wraps on cars the next thing?

Wrapping is a novel way of changing your car's skin. Rather than spending a lot of money on a paint job, spend less money on a wrap to change the color of your vehicle. It's more affordable, and more importantly, it's not permanent. If you want to bring it back to stock, peel off the vinyl wrap.

Kim K

But it seems Kim Kardashian is taking wraps to a new level. Instead of the usual matte or chrome wrap, she's gone for something a bit more out there. Specifically, she's wrapped her car in a fur-looking fabric. The entire vehicle is covered in fur except for the headlights, taillights, and exhaust. Yes, she even covered the air vents up front, the wheels, and the interior. We don't know how that bodes for the cooling system, but hopefully, there's still air going into the engine.

Kim K's Lamborghini is covered in fur to promote her store “Skims”. Upon checking the Skims IG page, the fur wrap on the Urus appears to be the same material used in her line of clothing wear. It may not be the best looking, but it certainly caught a lot of people's attention. Whether it's good or bad, marketing is still marketing at the end of the day, right?

Kim K

The fuzzy Urus also reminds us of another fur-covered vehicle, this time from the big screen – the van from Dumb and Dumber. Just add a tongue, nose, ears, a tail, and a Mutt Cutts logo on the side, and it's good to go. As much as it would be cool to see a Lamborghini Urus wear the Mutt Cutts outfit, the chances of Kim K doing that is slim to none.

What do you think of Kim K's fur-covered Urus? Is it o-fur-rated (sorry, we had to), or are there weirder celebrity rides out there? Let us know in the comments.