A country with the third largest land area in the world (9.6 million square kilometers) has the challenge of connecting different mountain provinces.

Take China, for example. They have erected some of the highest and tallest bridges in the world over the past decade. When you have the money to burn like China, you tend to let your imagination run wild and build extraordinary things. How much money you might ask? The US owes China about $1.138 trillion and their foreign reserves amount to at least $3 trillion.

This new 30-kilometer circular bridge across a mountain in Shanxi province is just an example.

New Chinese highways looks like life-size Hotwheels course

The three-storey circular highway bridge stands 350 meters tall, it was built with box girders consuming more than 7,000 tons of steel.

It was built along the steep portion of the 1,370-meter-high Tianlong Mountain in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province in northwestern China. Similar structures have been built in other countries like Japan to connect a mountain road down to a valley where a usual road-building method cannot be utilized. One such example is the Kawazu-Nanadaru Loop Bridge.

New Chinese highways looks like life-size Hotwheels course

The bridge is described as a giant dragon hovering over the mountain. While it has yet to be completed and opened to public use, the new bridge is said to have attracted locals and nearby tourists to see and take pictures of the structure.

New Chinese highways looks like life-size Hotwheels course

This may look like your childhood Hot Wheels dream come true, but would you consider this an engineering marvel or a potential disaster waiting to happen?