We've all heard stories of cars breaking 1,000,000 miles (1.6 million kilometers), and it's usually in Japanese cars or classic German sedans. But have you heard of a million mile Korean car? Well, now you have.

Farrah Haines' 2013 Hyundai Elantra managed to cover 1.6 million kilometers in the span of five years, and it's still using its original engine. That essentially means that she drives a staggering 26,667 kilometers a month. Some of us don't even reach that much mileage in a year. If anything, it lays to rest any doubts about the longevity of Korean cars.


Million-mile Hyundai Elantra

See, Haines is a delivery driver and most of her day is spent on the road. She has made one modification to the car and that's the bullbar to protect the car in case of any untoward incident. Other than that, it's a standard, run of the mill Elantra that's in anyone's driveway.

Million-mile Hyundai Elantra

To celebrate this milestone, Hyundai North America awarded Haines with a one million mile badged placed on her instrument cluster as digital odometers don't display that magic figure. She also got a million mile license place frame for her trusty Elantra.

Million-mile Hyundai Elantra

Of course, Haines can do another million in a new car if Hyundai gives her a new Elantra, but she has no plans of retiring the Elantra just yet. In fact, she wants to go further with it. She's now gunning for 1.5 million miles or over 2.4 million kilometers, and after that, 2 million miles (about 3.2 million kilometers). Given that she managed a million miles in five years, the 1.5 million mark could be reached in as little as two and a half years and five years to reach 2 million.

So if you've got a Hyundai, or any car for that matter, sitting in your driveway, take good care of it. You might just get over a million kilometers out of it too.