There are those who would typically dismiss new cars having being too 'tinny' these days. Some would say that these cars are too soft, and any major impact would see it fold into a tin car. However, a recent incident in Taiwan seems to buck that thought.

Last May 24, a couple was traveling in their Hyundai Tucson along Hualien, Taiwan. They were passing through a mountain side when, suddenly, a boulder slid off, and headed straight for the Hyundai. This is probably a good time to remind people that the 'Falling Rocks' sign is to be taken seriously.

But while there's nothing the couple could have done to stop the boulder careening towards them, their Hyundai Tucson did its job. The huge rock, estimated to have weighed about four tons, slammed into their car. Normally, that would mean the car being crushed but, amazingly, it actually kept its shape. By that, we mean it was relatively intact after a four-ton boulder crashed onto it.

One look at the damage and you wouldn't think that it went through such a terrible ordeal. All we see is a crushed fender, crimped hood, smashed windshield, and a slightly deformed front pillar. Hyundai has since caught wind of the story and credited their engineers for the Advanced High-Strength Steel structure of the car.

While we doubt it will buff out, the Tucson kept the couple safe, and the two even walked away from it relatively unscathed. The couple have even gone on record saying their car spared them an unfortunate fate, saying, “This car has saved our lives, and we are ready to buy another Hyundai”.