Hyundai has just built a crazy off-roader for the upcoming SEMA tuner show. Interestingly, it is not based on one of their more popular crossovers such as the Santa Fe, the Tucson or the Palisade. Instead, the built the one-off off-roader based on the brand’s uniquely styled three-door hatchback – the Veloster.

Officially called the Veloster Grappler Concept, it is set to make its public debut at the 2019 SEMA Show. At the moment, there is only one photo of the unique off-roading hatchback. However, it is enough to give us an idea as to how crazy the custom Veloster will be.

Now, this concept isn’t just all show and no go. Hyundai has fitted the Veloster with a proper lifted suspension to give it more ground clearance. At the same time, it also allows new wheels and chunky all-terrain tires to sit under the wheel arches. In front, the plastic bumper has been ditched in favor of a steel unit with numerous LED lamps attached to it. The hood has also been swapped out for a carbon fiber unit.

In order to carry off-road gear, a Thule basket with more LED lights has been fitted to the roof. This is also where the full-size spare wheel and tire are fitted. The basket also serves as the base mount for a removable solar panel, which provides additional power when exploring off-road.

Though not seen in the picture, the Grappler Concept has a roll cage inside. Occupants then sit on custom Recaro seats. The interior storage space also features a first-aid kit, roadside assistance kit, and dome tent.

Under the hood, there are no changes apart from a new Borla exhaust system. For now, Hyundai has not disclosed what engine and transmission options will be fitted on the Veloster Grappler Concept. For reference though, the Veloster N does feature a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 275 PS and 353 Nm torque.

Hopefully, we get to see the Veloster Grappler in off-road action in the future.