The Blue Oval brand has been making some noise for the past few years with regard to an electrified Mustang. While purists and enthusiasts are not too keen on the idea, it may prove inevitable for the near future as automakers continue to make cars greener and have less emissions.

But what about making a purely electric pony car? That idea may not sit well with Ford fans but that hasn't stopped other companies like Charge Cars in making it a reality. However, it looks like the Blue Oval brand decided to change their approach towards the idea.

Why not making a high-riding SUV that looks like a Mustang, and then slap in an all-electric powertrain? The result is what you're seeing right now.

While it doesn't have a name yet, it's quite clear that Ford's upcoming EV took some styling cues from the Mustang. From the eye-catching headlights, huge foglights on the front bumper, as well as the front grill hidden from view, the designers were not afraid to get some inspiration from the pony car. But since it is still heavily draped in camouflage, we can't see the entirety of the electric SUV just yet.

This is Ford

However, Ford was able to show that their electric SUV is capable of tackling harsh weather conditions like winter. Despite temperatures reaching well below -40 degrees Celsius, the Mustang-inspired electric SUV kept on going and was even able to glide through the snow. Ford is adamant in dispelling the myth that EVs will not be able to drive through snow & wintry conditions.

With no other details to go on, we'll just have to wait and see until Ford decides to shed more light on the Mustang-inspired SUV. Let's just hope that the EV SUV will be as good looking as its muscle car brethren.