This is the news you've been waiting for.

No more leaked technical specifications, no more low-resolution spy photos. Toyota finally broke their silence and confirmed that the all-new Land Cruiser will be arriving soon. How soon, you ask? Well, the world premiere will happen on June 9, 2021. Best of all, it will be live-streamed for the whole world to see.

So far, Toyota only is only willing to share a short 6-second clip of the new Land Cruiser. Interestingly, the title does say “1”. We expect more teaser videos to come as the launch date draws closer. Thankfully, we don't have to guess much about the SUV's design. Most of the Land Cruiser's secrets, both in design and technical specifications, have already been exposed through various spy photos and leaked documents.

As far as engines go, the V8 (both diesel and gasoline variant) will supposedly be dropped. In their place could be a turbocharged gasoline V6 and a new turbo-diesel 3.3-liter V6 engine. The former reportedly generates 414 PS and 650 Nm torque, while the latter makes 305 PS and 700 Nm torque.

The leaks have also given us an idea about the trim levels available. At the very least, there could be four different variants of the Land Cruiser – GX/GX.R VX/VX.R, ZX, and the range-topping GR Sport variant. The spy photos have shown the 300 Series Land Cruisers with different bumpers and wheels, giving us an idea of which is which. However, the GR Sport model has yet to been seen in the metal.

Other notable details about the new Land Cruiser include a new aluminum roof. A previous document also gave us an idea of the new dashboard and interior layout.

Stay tuned as Toyota reveals the all-new Land Cruiser next week on June 9, 2021.