It’s been barely half a year since the all-new Jazz (locally known in Japan as the Fit) was launched at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. However, a few modified examples have already popped up on display at the 2020 Osaka Auto Messe, and one of them was built by none other than Honda’s in-house tuner, Mugen.

And they did it two ways.

Mugen does a double take for the 2020 Honda Jazz image

For the all-new 2020 model, Mugen offers two different styling kits, each with their own unique aesthetic – Dash and Skip.  Despite having two kits, the in-house tuner decided to use only one model to display the two different line of kits rather than using two separate vehicles. The result is this unique Honda Jazz with, half of the car featuring “Dash” parts and the other “Skip” parts. A partition then splits the two in half right down the center. 

Mugen shows us two ways of modifying the new Honda Jazz image

The Dash kit is undoubtedly the more sport oriented model. It features an aggressive lip which runs all the way to the foglight housing. There’s also a thick side skirt and rear lip paired with a larger exhaust. A roof-mounted rear wing help lends the everyday hatchback a sportier look. A carbon fiber trim piece on the grill helps the Jazz look a lot better as well. Revised wheels with Mugen stickers on the tires and carbon fiber mirror covers complete the “Dash” upgrades on the Jazz.

Mugen shows us two ways of modifying the new Honda Jazz image

On the other side of the car, is the Skip kit. Just like the Dash kit it, the Skip kit features a front lip, side skirt, and rear valence. Compared to the Dash kit, however, this Skip kit looks a lot more subtle. They look more like additions to help complete the look of the and retains the more sedate look of the new Jazz. Similar to the Dash though, Mugen added trim piece to the front grill.

As of the moment, there is no word on the pricing of the Mugen Dash and Skip kit just yet. Furthermore, the in-house tuner did not mention whether performance upgrades would be offered for the Jazz as well. What we do know is that the Mugen parts for the Jazz will not come cheap, but the parts certainly help the hatchback look a lot better.