Earlier this January, Toyota released a teaser sketch of their upcoming all-new small crossover. At the time, it wasn't given a name, nor were specific details about the model released to the public. All we know at the time, is that it will be based on the new Yaris hatchback.

Now, it seems that the Japanese automaker has revealed more details together with a new teaser photo of what is likely the Yaris Crossover.

For the time being, we don’t know its official name. However, Toyota does calls it the “B-SUV” in the press release, indicating the segment it will be in. The automaker also says the upcoming model will “blend extensive small car experience” with “enviable SUV heritage”. In short, it’s the company’s way of saying that they’re making a Yaris crossover.  

Not a lot of details were revealed about the B-SUV. What we do know is that the small crossover will be available with all-wheel drive and a hybrid powertrain. We also get a glimpse of the crossover's rear end from the new teaser photo showing the hybrid and AWD-I badge.

Despite being based on the Yaris, the B-SUV will likely have a unique design and not look like a Yaris on stilts with black cladding. Compared to the Yaris, it has a different set of taillights and has a more upright rear end tailgate. Furthermore, the previous teaser showed the vehicle’s side profile which looks like a small RAV4. As such, it will be more practical than the CH-R.

The B-SUV will make its world premiere on March 3 at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. It will share the stage with the 2nd generation Mirai, RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid, and the GR Yaris – all of which will be making their Euro debut.