The 300-Series Land Cruiser has been spotted without camo

The moment we’ve finally been waiting for has arrived. After months of leaked documents, we finally have an idea of the actual next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser's final design. More importantly, it hints that Toyota is already gearing up for the launch soon.

Photos of the supposed 300-series Land Cruiser were first seen on Instagram thanks to the user @Kurdistan_Automotive_Blog. It wasn’t just one model in the shots too. Instead, it was a bunch of Land Cruiser models all parked together. Whoever parked them there didn’t bother covering and hiding them either. Noticeably, they still have their pre-delivery protective plastic sheeting on the body panels.

This is our first “unofficial” look at the next-gen Toyota Land Cruiser image

As previously seen in the patent photos, the next-generation Land Cruiser features an evolutionary design over the current 200-Series model. The most noticeable difference would be the large grille with a U-shaped trim connecting the two headlights. The LED headlights are now smaller and slimmer. The hood does have more prominent sculpting.

Other changes include new squared-off wheel arches paired with fenders that bulge out more. A sidestep appears to come standard, but it could be for the variant shown in the photo only. Towards the rear, the lower window line has a sharp kink. Although we have no pictures of the back, the rear end of the next-gen Land Cruiser appears to be flatter compared to the current 200-Series model.

This is our first “unofficial” look at the next-gen Toyota Land Cruiser image

We’re not sure what variant the models seen in the photos are, but we’re certain it’s not the GR-Sport model. Judging by the wheels, it could either be the GX or the VX. Interestingly, none of the models appear to be fitted with a sunroof, so we’re betting it's the former. It’s also uncertain what engines are under the hood of these Land Cruisers.

Despite the latest leak, Toyota has kept a tight lip on the upcoming Land Cruiser. The automaker has yet to release any teaser photos or even an announcement about the model. One thing is for certain, though. The SUV looks ready to be shipped out all over the globe.