Most of you have a powerbank to charge your phones when you're on the go, right? But what about electric vehicles in places that don't have any viable infrastructure?

Porsche has a solution, and it's one they can pack up and take anywhere they need it.

Porsche has released some images of their new charging solution on the go: it's basically a trailer called the Mobile Charging Unit, and they pull it via semi to wherever they host their Taycan drive events.

The German sports car manufacturer has been embracing an electrified future, the flagship of which is the Taycan electric 4-door sports car. They've been giving customers the chance to experience the future of Porsche with the Taycan at customer events around Europe, but charging is proving to be a problem, especially since racing circuits tend to be far and away from places.

That's what the Porsche Turbo Charging - Mobile Charging Unit is for.

This is Porsche

“We have now used the trucks at numerous events all over Europe and have carried out around 5,000 charging operations – sometimes at extreme temperatures down to minus 40 degrees. Their performance has therefore been tried and tested,” said Ragnar Schulte, Director Experiential Marketing at Porsche.

The Mobile Charging Unit was developed with a German company called ads-tec. It is basically a huge battery pack with a power distribution system that allows 10 Taycan EVs to be charged all at the same time with the trailer's 3.2-megawatt rating. The 2.1 megawatts/hour capacity means Porsche can charge a total of 30 Taycan units.

This is Porsche

Recharging the Mobile Charging Unit takes about 4 hours under good conditions, says Porsche.

The company used the system more recently at the Hungaroring in Budapest so customers can test and experience the Taycan on the track. They actually have seven of these mobile charging solutions for zero-emissions sports car fun. Porsche didn't mention, however, if the trailers are pulled by electric trucks. We're guessing not, but that may change in time.

The Mobile Charging Unit has a neat proposition though: with the lack of infrastructure for charging stations in the rest of the world, could Porsche have stumbled onto a solution that could be a good interim unit for EV charging in developing markets?