Toyota these days appears to be giving the shots of adrenaline that the aftermarket needs. The release of the BRZ/86 twins back in 2012 has effectively created a whole industry around the no-frills FR Sports Car with all the parts that have been developed for it. The GR Supra is expected to do pretty much the same, with Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada clearly stating that the vehicle was made in such a way that it could easily be modified by customers.

That train of thought gives the aftermarket a ‘head start’ of sorts by making their jobs easier when it comes to developing parts. Pair that with the fact that Supras are starting to be delivered to their owners and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is in a couple of months time there really is no questioning that the GR Supra could fill the show floor for this year. First out the door is Evasive Motorsports – and they’ve brought out the big guns for their GR Supra.

This is the first of many modified Supras at SEMA 2019 image

The Supra to be modified for the show is actually Sam Du’s personal vehicle. Du, the editor-in-chief of Super Street, has been a big proponent of the aftermarket over the past decade. It seems only fitting that his vehicle will herald the new baby of the tuning scene with new parts. The renderings you see here are penned by Jonsibal, arguably one of the most reputable designers of one-off aftermarket widebody kits you see today.

To give you an idea of his repertoire, he was also the one behind Car Porn Racing’s Black Manta widebody Corvette. His talents have been employed so that Evasive Motorsports can give the GR Supra a proper edge of aggression and function – as a true track car should have.

From the looks of it, the design isn’t a ‘widebody’ per se. We can still see the stock fenders without anything riveted on, except the lower section of the front fenders have been changed to provide ducting for air to escape on the sides. The lower section of the front bumper has a massive splitter for more downforce and is complimented with a side skirt to maintain the low profile of the vehicle. Out back a swan-neck wing goes over a black ducktail for a wing-on-wing look. The rear diffuser also gets a small retouch to bring everything together.

This is the first of many modified Supras at SEMA 2019 image

Evasive Motorsports will be the ones responsible for piecing this kit together. Having a track record for building circuit-ready vehicles, you can expect just as much go to match all the show from this outfit. Selling the kit under their EVS Tuning brand, the whole kit should be ready to order once this vehicle makes its debut at SEMA.

Any local Supra owners waiting on this one? Or will a Pandem kit still take your fancy?