For the last few decades -yes, decades- the certificate of registration (CR) issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) of every motor vehicle has been unimpressive. The CR that contains most of the important information about a vehicle really looked more like a piece of paper you'd write quiz answers on (e.g. Size 2 or 1/2 pad) rather than an actual certificate.

Well the LTO seems to have addressed that... twice.

A post made by Grace Rojas, LTO Sorsogon District Office Chief, has been circulating on social media showing the new CR. What is already apparent is that the new CR is the size of a full sheet of paper; either US Letter or A4. That means it would be about 2x the current size.

New LTO Certificate of Registration is on larger paper image

The LTO appears to have paid a bit more attention to the design of the CR as well. Given the design of the borders, the letterhead, and the fancier-looking paper, the new certificates of registration seem to have taken some inspiration from certificates of appreciation.

Beyond the new design though, there are some new spaces and new information contained on the new CR. The LTO has removed information that is unnecessary for registration like Shipping Weight and updated some of the terminologies like Vehicle Type instead of Body Type.

New LTO Certificate of Registration is on larger paper image

Certificate of Registration (2001)

This is the LTO

Certificate of Registration (2020)

New LTO Certificate of Registration is on larger paper image

Certificate of Registration (2021)

The CR we've come to know pre-dates some important features that became standard on modern cars. For instance, the old CR indicated the MV File Number, Plate Number, Engine Number and Chassis Number, but the new CR finally indicates the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. You can find that VIN on your car's windshield.

The other neat feature is the addition of Max Power in kilowatts (kW). The older CR did not have this, and the LTO added the feature specifically for electric vehicles. Yes, kW is also used for internal combustion engines, but it's a reflection that the LTO is finally adapting the CR to the times. When it comes to electric vehicle registration, the serial number on the electric motor will be what is reflected under Engine Number.

So if you register your vehicle under the new LTMS system of the LTO, this is the kind of paper that you'll get so let us know what you think. At least the certificate of registration looks more like a certificate now.