Get ready for a new dealership experience at Isuzu. As the year comes to a close, Isuzu is looking forward to the next decade by giving their showrooms a dynamic new look.

If you live in Cagayan, you will be among the first to see this new, fresher dealership look in the country. The first redesigned dealership is located in the municipality of Iguig, beside the soon to open Wilcon Depot. Sporting black and red, it's a departure from the classic white and red scheme most have become familiar with through the years.

This is the new look of Isuzu dealerships image

This new black and red scheme is part of Isuzu shifting CI or corporate identity. In fact, some Isuzu dealerships around the world have adapted the new look with many others that will eventually follow suit. As mentioned, Isuzu Iguig is the first in the country to follow the new CI, so expect your nearest dealership to get a renovation some time in the next couple of months.

There are a couple of exciting things lined up for Isuzu for 2020 and beyond. It kicked off with the all-new D-Max earlier this month. That was followed by their concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show with the facelifted ELF, an electrified version of the said truck, and their transport solutions. We can also expect an all-new mu-X within the next couple of years too. With so much planned within the next decade, giving the brand a fresh look is only just the start.