In the last couple of years, many brands have been getting a brand new look or CI (corporate identity). Now it's Mitsubishi's turn.

To further strengthen Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's brand image, and along with its brand message “Drive your Ambition”, MMC is set to revamp, redesign, and spruce up its dealerships across the globe. What the public can expect to see, then, are totally new designs for the interior and exterior of Mitsubishi's dealer stores.

Based on the brand's new Corporate and Visual Identity, the new architectural design for the exterior will feature what they tagged as a “Dynamic Slope” - a signature element that represents the brand's strength, and its robust and dynamic image worldwide. On the inside, the fundamental design is to make the cars themselves the focal points of every customer's experience when they walk in.

Mitsubishi new global dealership design

"Our brand is evolving and we need to reflect this in each and every customer touch point. So we are implementing the new dealer identity to ensure that the customers can experience a consistent Mitsubishi-ness including look & feel, and service quality of Mitsubishi Motors wherever they are in the world", said Guillaume Cartier, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Sales Division at Mitsubishi Motors.

Mitsubishi's new design features a black, white, and gray scheme which will be accented with red dynamic lines. To ensure that the design remains uniform and that it will provide a cohesive and immersive customer experience, the brand will feature the total revamp across the entire image of Mitsubishi, from their dealerships, to motor shows, brochures, and even their website.