The 1960's was quite a decade for the Ford Motor Company. It was the era of the Falcon and the Mustang, Cortina and the Escort, and so much more. The decade also saw the birth of one of the most memorable rivalries on the racetrack, and one that is still being talked about today.

That is, of course, the Ford-Ferrari rivalry in Le Mans. Now, it can be relived for future generations as the feature film, Ford v. Ferrari, is coming soon. We first saw the cast a couple of weeks ago and now, the trailer is out.

By the looks of the trailer, the movie seems to be promising. It shows how the GT40 program was born, as well as a quick rundown of the film's main protagonists, Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles. Shelby needs little introduction. A long-time builder of fast Fords (and briefly, Chryslers), the Ford Motor Company turned to Shelby for the development of the now iconic race car. Ken Miles on the other hand was a racing driver who committed himself to the GT40 development.

Ford v. Ferrari image

Also, we see a lot of classic race cars. Of course, the GT40 takes center stage here, but we also see the Cobra, Corvette Stingray, as well as the Ferrari P3, the GT40's main target at the long-running endurance race. If you're a fan of classic Fords, even some of the background cars may be a delight for you.

The film stars Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby, Christian Bale as Ken Miles, John Bernthal as Lee Iaccoca, and Tracy Letts as Henry Ford II. Ford v. Ferrari was directed by James Mangold, best known for directing movies such as Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line, and Logan. With a cast and crew like that, we have high hopes for the movie. Will we like it as much as Rush? We'll find out by November once the movie is out.