Just about every month, an automaker will keep mentioning something about pushing development of an electric vehicle. For years, Subaru has been saying that they will be coming up with one soon but haven't exactly said when. This time around though, they've set a target: Subaru have given themselves five years to roll out their first electric vehicle.

Not only that, they've shown the car in the metal too. If you recall the concept sketched out by Subaru a few days ago, they've turned that to reality. Of course, we're expecting a more toned down version of that come 2025, but it gives us an idea of what it might look like.

This is Subaru

What we don't know yet is if it will be the next-generation model of a certain model or if it will be an addition to the range. If it's the previous, this could be the future XV, judging by the way the roof line looks. There is also the possibility that it might be the inspiration for the 2025 Forester, should Subaru give the crossover a drastic redesign.

Subaru has big plans for electrification. By 2030, they want at least 40 percent of their cars sold to be fully electric or, at the very least, a hybrid. They have partnered up with Toyota to further advance the development of their electric vehicles, and we could expect a future Toyota model to have similar (or the same) underpinnings.

But for now, Subaru seems on track towards this whole electrification wave. There are now hybrid versions of the XV and Forester, which are some of the most popular models sold by the marque. It's also gaining traction too with a wider distribution worldwide. The Forester e-Boxer, for instance, will likely be the first mainstream crossover to feature hybrid assist in the Philippines.