After nearly six years of production, an all-new Flying Spur will soon be making its global debut. Bentley recently released two new teaser photos of the next-generation Flying Spur, showing the illuminated Flying ‘B’ ornament as well as its shadowy silhouette. The teaser campaign also said that the reveal will take place later this year but did not mention an exact date.

Starting with the silhouette photo, it gives us an idea as to how the long sedan will look like. The body continues to sport the familiar shape of the current generation Flying Spur that features a long hood and massive rear overhang. That said, it is likely that the all-new Flying Spur will feature an evolutionary design over the current model rather than a complete overhaul in the styling department. Considering that the Flying Spur is essentially a sedan version of the Continental GT, it is possible that the two will share similar styling cues as well.

This is what the 2020 Bentley Flying Spur will look like image

As for the illuminated flying ‘B’ hood ornament, the said teaser photo also gives us a peek of the Flying Spur’s hood and upper grill. The photo shows that the hood will have some sort of metallic fin similar to older Bentley models. Meanwhile, the grill now features vertical slats instead of mesh design seen in the current Flying Spur.

No other details were revealed but expect the Flying Spur to debut with a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine shared in the Continental GT and the Bentayga Speed. Like the other two Bentley models, a V8 engine option would also be included for those who want something with fewer cylinders. A plug-in hybrid option could be possible as well seen in previous spy photos.

Hopefully, we get more details on the new Flying Spur soon as the release date draws nearer.