Much like death and taxes, traffic along EDSA and C5 are pretty much normal parts of urban life now. Many schemes have been proposed to lighten up the congestion in those major thoroughfares but some may argue that none of them have made a significant impact.

So here comes what is perhaps the most extreme proposal to keep EDSA and C5 flowing as smoothly as possible. That idea is to turn both of those into one-way avenues. This was proposed by GPI Engineers Inc., and this proposal actually dates way back to 2016.

This is what the one-way EDSA, C5 might look like image

The idea sounds simple and straightforward. For motorists headed southbound, they will all have to take EDSA to be able to reach places as Guadalupe, Buendia, and Magallanes. Those heading north will then have to take C5.

The concept comes from GPI Engineers, a company that (according to their website) specializes in mechanical, electrical, and other fields that don't pertain to urban planning and traffic management. Still, Fernando Guevara, president of GPI Engineers, said that this is one of the best ways to truly decongest the Metro by displacing cars from EDSA and C5 into other radial roads. He also added that other countries have adapted this method, and making one avenue northbound would increase average speeds to about 40 km/h. After all, EDSA alone has up to ten lanes to accommodate the vehicle volume.

This is what the one-way EDSA, C5 might look like image

But what about the matter of trucks? They will have to travel at certain times of the day to be able to traverse C5 and EDSA, should this plan actually be set into place. While it's been three years since it was pitched to the government, the Metro Manila Development Authority is actually studying its feasibility. However, MMDA traffic manager Bong Nebrija has a thing or two to say about it.

On his Facebook profile, Nebrija is actually against this idea. In his post, he mentioned three major drawbacks if it were to be implemented. He said, “This will entail a lot of engineering intervention and franchise rerouting of buses not to forget a complete turn around from commuters routine commuting habits. Might do more harm than good to the inner roads of other LGUs”.

So, do you side with the proposal or with Nebrija? Chime in on the comments.