When it comes to utility and pure functionality, there is no questioning the place of the Caddy in the Volkswagen lineup. Having served as panel vans for small and large businesses alike, as well as acting as a mini MPV for small families, the Caddy has been versatile enough to meet the needs of a sizable amount of people across the globe.

From the looks of it VW seems to recognize this, as they’ve announced that the Caddy will soon be revealed in its fifth iteration at the end of next month.

With the reveal of the next-gen Caddy a month away, VW have provided a few concept sketches of what we can expect from the new commercial tourer. We can see here the Cargo version of the Caddy with the Panel Van shut section in the rear. Without windows we can see the new body lines better, more specifically the slightly hunched upper rear section when viewing it from the side.

Volkswagen has just announced the all-new Caddy image

Much like the rest of VW’s updated lineup, the front end gets the grill which continues onto the insides of the headlamps – a more streamlined look if we do say so ourselves. A few sections of the sketches do seem to be closer to concept than it is to production. We don’t expect the lower “honeycomb” section of the front fascia to make it onto the production model, nor can we guarantee that the Caddy will certainly come with larger wheel sizes. Overall though the sketches make the Caddy look more minimalistic yet direct with its purpose – sounds about right for a utility vehicle.

What we do know however is that the Caddy, apart from being available in Cargo and in MPV form will be available in two wheelbases as well. The MPV trim with windows looks to be slightly longer and larger from the previous generation, making it a more ideal choice for growing families. As is expected with newer vehicles, the Caddy will host a plethora of driver assistance systems as well as its own hub for internet access to stay connected on the go and can supply real-time information to its occupants.

Details on the 2020 VW Caddy should follow as the reveal on the end of February draws closer.