Waiting in line for the all-new Isuzu D-Max?

There's no hiding the fact that the 2021 D-Max is making customers flock to Isuzu dealerships nationwide.

Since the truck's launch early this year, the D-Max has proved to be a very popular model in the country, and it's not hard to see why. The new truck blends so many attractive qualities for a pick-up truck such as its fresh new look, thoroughly enhanced interior, new power units, and an improved drive all around. Oh, and top variants now get advanced safety features including - but not limited to adaptive cruise control.

So, like with any other popular vehicle in the market (e.g. basically most all-new Toyota models soon after launch), there is now a long queue for the Isuzu D-Max at dealerships. We have actually been receiving messages about the shortage of units of the D-Max because there are a lot of frustrated clients, and understandably so.

But is it just because the truck is popular? Could there be another reason for the long lines for customers to get one?

Apparently, the queue isn't just a straight-up supply and demand issue. The D-Max is sourced from Thailand, and they are well capable of supplying the many markets that get the vehicle from them. But we got a tip: Isuzu can't produce enough because of the global microchip shortage.

We confirmed from our contacts that Isuzu, like many other major automakers (actually, all) is having trouble sourcing certain components needed for the D-Maxin Thailand. They have the capacity to produce the model to supply the markets that count on them, but cannot roll out enough units to do so. And until that chip supply situation normalizes, this will likely continue.

So if you visit your friendly neighborhood Isuzu dealership and learn that there is a long queue for a D-Max, well the sales staff are probably just as frustrated as you over the situation. It's beyond their control.

There is another matter regarding another Isuzu model, but we'll get to that a little bit later.