Known as the folks you turn to should you wish to make it to the north pole – and back – Artic Trucks does not make any concessions about kitting your typical pickup or SUV for the coldest part of earth. And while their claim to fame is their Toyota Hilux or the Land Cruiser Prado, Artic Trucks deem other vehicles eligible – and capable – of their signature modifications; One such vehicle being the Isuzu D-MAX.

Isuzu’s stalwart pickup truck has shown its worth in tropical countries around South East Asia and in parts of Europe, but now it can further diversify its portfolio by being able to handle the harshest of winters thanks to Artic Truck’s latest creation: the Isuzu D-MAX Artic Trucks AT35 Safir.

This Isuzu D-Max by Arctic Trucks is one bad ass ute image

Built with a limited number of 10 units, all Artic Trucks D-Maxes will be painted in a bespoke shade of Sapphire Blue Mica – Surely a striking shade against the endless white snow of the artic. With their signature wide fenders flanked by silver accents such as a rear bar and mountain hoop, as well as rolling on 17” x 10” AT Alloy hyper black wheels, the Artic Trucks D-Max would not look out of place in civillian areas as well. 

The ‘Safir’ tag at the end of the Isuzu D-Max Artic Truck’s name hints at more sapphire accents towards the interior of the pickup. Bespoke leather seats are finished with sapphire blue stitching and are complimented by a D-Shaped flat-bottom steering wheel – perhaps factoring in the fact that drivers would be wearing thick layers of clothing and may have a hard time steering a conventional round wheel.

This Isuzu D-Max by Arctic Trucks is one bad ass ute image

On the entertainment side, a 9” multifunctional display sends audio towards nine speakers around the cabin as well as a subwoofer. An HDMI port has also been added for any media its occupants may choose to play from and mirror onto the screen. As for functionality, a front camera positioned at the bottom of the front bumper can provide a good eye for crossing terrain.

This Isuzu D-Max by Arctic Trucks is one bad ass ute image

Prices for the Isuzu D-Max Artic Trucks AT35 Safir starts at $58,600 (about Php 3.042 million)

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