When you look at Hyundai's current range of crossovers, you could say that they want to build one for everyone. From the Venue to the Palisade, the South Korean automaker's crossover range spans almost every size segment and budget.

But now, Hyundai is getting ready to launch another one, and it might be smaller than the Venue. Alleged spy photos of the Hyundai mini-crossover recently surfaced online, and from what we can see, it's rather interesting. What we could be looking at here is the Bayon, which they previewed earlier this month. 

The lights, doors, and tailgate are covered, but there is a clear view of the roofline. It can be best described as boxy and upright, which should give it a fair bit of headroom inside. As for the proportions, it looks like a Venue with the back chopped off. It also looks like it has several inches taken out of the hood.

That said, some design cues are peeking through the covers. We can tell that it has high-mount headlights and bumper-mounted fog lights. Also seen are the clamshell hood and the 12-spoke alloy wheels. However, the tailgate still has a false panel, but the rear bumper reveals a short overhang. It looks narrow when viewed from the back too.

It's also interesting to note that the test cars wear European plates. Crossovers of this size are typically reserved for the Indian market, but seeing it in the Old Continent hints that it could be an international model. If so, it might even make its way to the Philippines. After all, there are crossovers sold here for less than PHP 800,000, so this could be an interesting addition to the local line-up.

If this is the Bayon, it could be powered by a wide array of compact three- or four-cylinder engines. These engines deliver 83 PS to 120 PS. A choice between a six-speed manual or a CVT might also be available once it's officially released.