Could Toyota Corolla Cross rival the Subaru XV?

Toyota is on a roll this year. In the span of just a few months, the Japanese automaker has released several new models, and not even the pandemic is slowing the down. Just a few days ago, they unveiled the Yaris Cross. Now, it looks like they're getting ready for what could be the Corolla Cross.

Why do we reckon it might be that? If you recall from a few weeks ago, Toyota's plans until 2024 had leaked out. One of the cars planned was an all-new C-SUV slated for a late 2020 or 2021 release. Further supporting this possibility is the fact that the name Corolla Cross had been trademarked a few years ago, along with another trademark filing over in Australia just very recently. But perhaps what's most significant is this photo of the model spotted in Thailand, which could mean it might be offered here in the future.

Of course, nothing is set in stone just yet and Toyota could have another name in store for it. The crossover is still well covered so we don't have any idea as to how the Toyota C-Crossover (or Corolla Cross) might look like. From what we can tell, it has high-set tail lights, which seems to a thing for Toyota crossovers these days.

However, it does hint that it might have totally different styling from the Corolla hatchback. From its flanks alone, it's much higher than the hatch. With the Yaris Cross having a different design from the standard Yaris, it is likely that Toyota will do the same for their upcoming CUV.

With this find, this crossover from Toyota could slot in between the Yaris Cross and RAV4. If so, it might even be slightly smaller than the RAV4 which has grown exponentially and moved upmarket over the years.

Another interesting thing to point out is the plate. It's not a Thai script because it says TC. Our contact in Thailand says the letters just refer to Test Car. 

Should it makes its way to the Philippines, it might be the closest competitor to the Subaru XV. There are similarities between the two as both are based on C-segment sedans (Corolla and Impreza) and both have bigger stablemates in the same class (RAV4 and Forester).

Source: Thai Car Inside