It looks like the subcompact car battle will be pretty heated in the next decade. There's the all-new Almera and we'll also be seeing the next-generation Honda Jazz and City in the near future too. Now, it's Toyota that's about to get their ready too.

This might just be the next-generation Toyota Yaris image

Should these photos be true, what you're looking at is the 2020 (or 2021) Yaris. If you recall, Toyota unveiled the platform that will underpin all future subcompact models a month ago dubbed the TNGA GA-B (Global Architecture- B-Segment). With that, the Yaris will be the first car to utilize this chassis.

What's shocking is the fact that the car is totally unmasked, giving us a very clear idea as to how it will look like. Again, if true, the fifth-generation Yaris will get a radical redesign, almost looking nothing like the current model.

This might just be the next-generation Toyota Yaris image

At the front are upswept headlights and a large, gaping grill to go along with it. Defined bumper corners are also part of the changes to the small hatchback. As mentioned by Toyota when they showed the chassis, it's lower and wider than the current platform and that seems to be the case here too. Window area appears to be bigger too, and the roof more rounded. At the rear is an interesting set of tail lights, somewhat reminiscent of the funky C-HR crossover.

Does this mean this is exactly how our next-generation Yaris will look like? Probably, and probably not. What's pictured here is said to be the European version. While some panels could be the same with the rest of the world, the overall design might be different from region to region. That's what Toyota did with the Corolla which has two different versions sold worldwide depending on the market sold.