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This million dollar Ford Mustang packs 1000 horsepower


Sculpted Vicious Mustang one-off gets a twin-charged V8 powerplant

What do you do when you have $1 million burning a hole in your pocket? Buy a Mustang. More specifically, this one, the Vicious Mustang. Made by California-based specialist Timeless Kustoms, this one-of-a-kind pony car packs a thousand horsepower from its V8 powerplant and carries a premium price tag as well.

Starting with its radical exterior, the Vicious Mustang has a uniquely-designed body that blends both classic and contemporary design. It has body panels sourced from Dynacorn, two-inch custom fender flares, a C7 Corvette Clip at the front and a Ferrari-inspired F430 rear diffuser. Meanwhile, the cabin gets Sparco seats with DJ Safety harness, a fire supression system and MoTeC color dash.


Under the hood is a heavily modified 5.2-liter Ford Performance Aluminator V8. It has a long list of aftermarket parts but here's a rundown of the key components installed: Coyote Boss 302 forged crankshaft, custom Voodoo head camshafts and cam adjusters, two Precision 64/66 turbochargers, Magnuson MP2300 supercharger, GT350 CNC ported heads, Manley Performance valve springs and connecting rods, dry sump oil system and a custom exhaust.

The result is more than a thousdand horsepower when fed with E85 ethanol. The twin-turbo system activates only at high rpms as the supercharger works at low rpms. Power is then transferred to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential transmission.

Besides the highly-tuned V8, the Vicious Mustang also comes with improved handling and better brakes. It gets Kumho ECSTA V720 tires all around that measure 305/30 and are shod in 19-inch Forgeline GT3C centerlock wheels.

Hidden behind those wheels are carbon ceramic disc brakes along with six-piston calipers at the front and four-piston calipers at the rear. The suspension, on the other hand, gets adjustable coilovers and a multi-link independent rear suspension from Art Morrison Enterprises.

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